Of course. All the cards are customizable and you can choose the type of interactions you want.

You can find a card creator with amazing templates on the platform, all of them created by our beloved designers. This will allow you to create cards in the style which best suits your stream and community.

If you go to the Manage Cards section, you can add/create a new card. By choosing the "_Design your card_" option you can discover different templates and possibilities.

Create card with card creator

This option will allow you to create a card with an image attached. If you just want to create an image with the card creator, or maybe change the image of an existing card, you can unmark the Create Card box and save the image in the gallery instead of creating a card from scratch and attaching the image.

Save card creator card as image in your gallery

If you want a fully customized card, you can create your own cards in Photoshop or any other graphic design software.
We recommend that the card image has a 260x394 pixel resolution.

Use gallery image as card image

Once you have your card created as an image, you can upload it to the platform and use it as a card for your collections. You can edit an existing one or just create a new card by clicking on Upload your designed card.
You can configure your card as you want, make it look like a sticker, make it sound only, duplicate the same card image but with different GIFs when played on screen, etc.
The only limit is your imagination!

Remember: The more customized the cards are, the more your viewers will enjoy them!
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