Coupons are a great tool to boost sales and offer promotions, but keep in mind that using them too often can devalue your collection.
Here are some tips for a recommended use of coupons:

Tips for discount coupons

Create 5 to 20% discount coupons. Save bigger discounts for very special occasions.
When offering a discount code, give it the most visibility by announcing it on social media, including it in your stream title, showing it on screen, etc.
Big discounts can help you sell more, but this will also make your viewers pile up a lot of cards and may make them feel the interactions are not so valuable anymore. So make sure you don’t give too much!
Create your own discount codes using words that are easy to remember. This will make it easy for your viewers to use the code.
If you are going to delete cards from a certain collection or even an entire collection, you can create a 20% coupon for viewers as a compensation.

We recommend to do not offer discount coupons too often. If viewers notice that you often have discounts then they will only buy packs when there’s a promotion.

Tips for free-pack coupons

Limit free packs to a small number of users. This way coupons will be more effective, since viewers will pay more attention to the chat or social media in case there’s a promotion. Check out coupons’ conditions here.
You can use this type of coupons when you get a host or raid from another streamer. This is an opportunity for you to promote your Streamloots collection to new viewers / potential new followers.
Once in a while, you can share a free-pack coupon link on the chat or social media to reward your community for being loyal (and as a reminder that you are using Streamloots). You can also set goals such as “if we get to 40 purchases, I’ll drop a coupon with 5 free packs on the chat”.
Do not give away too many packs! You have put efforts into your collection and this may devalue your cards.

Check out how coupons work here.
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