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This can happen due to a couple of reasons. Follow these steps in order to discard any configuration issues:

I can't see the Streamloots alerts on my stream
If you are not able to see the alerts on your stream, make sure you have the Streamloots alerts URL inserted as a browser source in your streaming software (OBS, Xsplit, etc.).

You can find your URL if you go to the Alerts section inside Alerts & goals option in the side menu.
Make sure you have the URL inserted in your streaming software inside a browser source.
There you will also find an "Open tester" button, you can click on it to test purchases and card alerts (a new browser window will open).
Then you can click to test cards or test purchases and select the alert you want to test.

If you are able to see the alerts by using the tester but not in your streaming software, then the issue probably has to be with the settings in your streaming software or computer.

First, go to Alerts & goals. Then click on Open button and finally, test some alerts

I had already set the alerts in my streaming software. It worked before but now it doesn't
Sometimes either streaming softwares (OBS, Xsplit...) or our system are updated, and this may bring some issues. In that case, we have some steps you can follow in order to make alerts work again:

First, check that you have a browser source with the right streamloots alerts url in your current scene. It may sound like nonsense but it has happened to all of us ^^.

In the OBS family, there is a "Refresh cache of current page..." button. Select a browser source and go to "Properties". This will clear the cache of the alerts.

There is also a "Shutdown source when not visible" checkbox in browser sources. We recommend that you enable this so that if you have any issue with the alerts you can hide the alerts source 5-10 seconds in order to reset it. You can also activate the "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" option, that will allow you to force that refresh everytime you change the scene.

Some streaming software updates require to remove all the streamloots browser sources and add it again. Some users have reported about resintalling the OBS, that has fixed their problems. Most cases aren't on the Streamloots end , they depend on your streaming software, your pc software and hardware, etc. Each case may be different

If you still have issues , keep reading the next point to check the hardware acceleration.

Clear cache and shutdown source when not visible to reset alerts when source is not active

The sound/image is not showing in the alert
If you can see the alerts on your streaming software but you can't see the image or hear the sound please check the following:
The current scene in the OBS has the streamloots browser source configured and the url isn't wrong.
The card or pack alert has a sound configured.
The card or pack alert has an image configured.
The card or pack alert has the TTS (voice) enabled.

How to check card image and alert card configuration. You will find the TTS configuration following the config showed in the image above

If everything seems until here, we should check the hardware acceleration.

The streaming software like OBS or xSplit have a hardware acceleration mode for the browser sources.
The option place depends of the streaming program. We recommend you to search about it in your software or in the Internet. so you can check where this option is.

This hardware acceleration option can cause problems with some videos and cards or just make them work.
It depends on your pc configuration (hardware and software)

So find the option and change it. Enable or disable the hardware acceleration and close your streaming software.
Make sure you don't have the software running in background, it's so important to restart the software when you change this option

Once you have changed it and you have restarted the software, open it again and test the cards you have problems with.

I can see duplicated alerts or there is an echo effect
In that case, make sure you don't have any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge...), with the alerts URL or with the tester, open.
In the same way, make sure there is no duplicate browser source in your current scene on OBS or Xsplit.

If you have already tried everything described in this article and you are still having issues with the alerts, please contact us by using the bubble chat (you will find it on the bottom-right corner in your Dashboard) or by sending an email to
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