Streamloots Powers - What are they?
The Streamloots Powers are essentially card animations with unique visual effects that will give your cards a special touch when you play them during a livestream of your favourite streamer(s).

Check out all Streamloots Powers and their preview >

Once you achieve a power and turn it on, the card animation will play for any of the cards you play during a livestream. You can change your card power anytime, turn the powers off (specially useful when you want to play a “scare” card to the streamer).

This new Powers feature is currently beta, its functionality may change in future versions of it. Feel free to send us your feedback using this form.

Do Powers come with sound effects?
Powers do come with sound paired to the visual effect. However, this sound will not always play with your Powers.

Some cards have custom sounds. The sound from the Power may interfere with the custom sound. For this reason, some Power sounds will only play when the card you are playing is configured to play with the sound.

Additionally, the Streamer can choose to mute all Power sounds on his livestream. In these scenarios, your Powers will not play any sound when you play your cards on this Streamer. If you are a Streamer, read this article on how to configure your Power sounds for your livestream.

How do I get Streamloots Powers?
Streamloots Powers are earned through achievements for buying chests, using a certain number of cards, crafting or destroying cards; and even for sending suggestions to streamers.

In the “Achievements” section of your dashboard, you will find the list of achievements. In the description of each achievement you will see the reward you will get for completing it. Visit the Streamloots Achievements section for more information here.

Most of the Powers can only be obtained for a limited period of time, be careful not to miss any!

Where do I find my Streamloots Powers?
You can find your Streamloots Powers on the section “Powers” located on the left-side menu of Streamloots. Here you will find a list of all of the available Powers. The ones you currently own and the ones you still have yet to unlock. See available Powers >

Stay tuned and keep a close eye on as we will add new Powers every month and during special events like Halloween or Xmas.

You have two ways to activate a Power.

Option 1: Go to your “Powers” section via the Streamloots dashboard and select the Power you would like to activate. Make sure you have unlocked that power or else, you will not be able to activate it.

Turn on effect from Powers page

Option 2: Select the card you want to play with a Power effect. Click on the top right corner and select the Power effect you would like to use from all the Powers you have unlocked.

Turn on effect from Card panel

Your selected Power will then be saved as the default effect for all your cards. Remember to turn it off if you want to play a scare card!
Selecting No effect

Will I be able to use these Streamloots Powers forever?

Most of these Streamloots Powers will be achievable for a limited time period. Once you get them, you will be able to use them forever.

However, some Streamloots Powers can only be used for a limited amount of time. In these cases, you will find the expiry date on the Power information details.

Can Streamloots Powers be used on just one Streamer?

Once you get a Power, you can use it on any Streamer.

I am a Streamer, can I upload my own Powers?
In the future we want to allow Streamers to upload their own Powers, however this feature is currently not available.
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