We recently started working with a new payment portal ( Hyperwallet, an official PayPal service ) . We intend to perform a complete data migration to this new platform as soon as possible, but for now only some users may see a notification in their Revenue section and/or receive an email with the following subject:
“You received a payment from Streamloots - Activation required” from uat@hyperwallet.com

This new portal allows us to both send the money faster and also give users a new alternative to PayPal: receive their money directly in their bank accounts.

If you are one of these users, you will be asked for your Streamloots ID in order to Activate your Pay Portal. You can easily find it in your Revenue section under the “How do you receive payout” panel.

The next fields in the form are optionals:
- Social security number or Government ID
- Middle name opcional

Also, here you can watch a short video tutorial to help you with this one-time configuration process.

IMPORTANT: Fill in the form with your real personal information. If there is any inconsistency between the personal details in the form and the ones registered in your bank account, the payment will not be successfully completed. Once you have everything configured and you have selected a payment method, you will receive the payment every month in an automated way.

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