The Streamloots Achievements are rewards for taking certain actions on Streamloots. These rewards currently come in the form of “Powers” (card animations). For example, an achievement may require you to “Use 5 cards”. In order to complete it, you can either use all 5 cards on a single streamer or on different streamers.

Currently, we have the below achievements:
Get/Open card packs
Use cards
Destroy / Create cards
Suggest cards

You can see the current active achievements on the Achievements page, accessible from the side menu. We will add new types of achievements and rewards frequently. If you are unable to find an achievement you can complete today, do not worry, you may find one the next day!

Keep an eye out on these achievements as some of them will only be available for a limited time. Once you complete an achievement, it will be recorded and listed on your “Completed” achievements section.

The progress of some of these achievements, for example, an achievement requiring you to open card packs or to use/craft/destroy a card will not count on your own card collection(s).

Achievement Rewards
Most of these achievements will unlock rewards once completed. Some of the rewards will come in the form of:

Powers to customise your card effects. Read this article for more info >
Discount codes
Access to raffle rewards and special promotions
Free card packs

Not all achievements will have an associated reward. There will be timed-based rewards every month with exclusive Powers that will only be able to be redeemed during that time period.

Similarly to achievements, rewards will be “global” and you will be able to use them with any streamer of your choice (unless stated otherwise).

How can I share my completed achievements with my friends?
Currently, you are not able to perform this action. However, you will be able to use the Powers you have obtained to personalise your card effects when you play them on a livestream - It will be the best way you show off your support to your favourite streamers!
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