You don't have any other account, you only had the Mixer one connected.

If you have access to your account you can still connect another platform to your account, please follow this article to connect another platform.

If you only had the Streamloots account connected with Mixer, and you are not able to enter with Mixer by now, we can give you a temporary access to your account.

In order to get this temporary access and the steps to recover your account, please send us an email to from your Mixer email providing the username.
It's very important, to verify your identity, send the email from the email you used in Mixer.
Once we have verified your identity, we will reply to you with the steps to follow just to enter again in your Mixer connected account, and connect another platform.

Once you get the reply, you must follow the email instructions and connect your account with at least another platform (Twitch, Facebook or/and Youtube) to allow you enter into your account.
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