You have another account connected with Twitch, Facebook or/and Youtube

If you have another Streamloots account created with Twitch, Facebook or Youtube, maybe you made some purchases or have received some gifts.
Unfortunately, we can't merge accounts with purchases in both accounts.

In that case, you can decide to keep one of them. If you want to keep the new one, you already have access, so please send us an email to from your Mixer email just to let us know that you want to remove the Mixer connected account, providing the username.

Otherwise, if you don't have any purchase in one of them or you decide to keep the Mixer one, please send us an email to from your Mixer email to verify your identity and providing:
The email used in the new account (it depends on the account used, so the email used in Twitch, Facebook or Youtube)
The username of your old Streamloots account connected with Mixer.
Your username in the new streamloots account.
(Only if you have purchases in both accounts) Let us know the username of the account do you want to keep.
(Only if you have purchases in both accounts) Give us your consent to remove your secondary account and lose all the cards and resources there.

We'll reply to you with information about the ETA and we'll start the process to merge both accounts.

If you already have a new account with purchases and you don't want to lose any of the cards you have, maybe you can follow the steps above creating a third new account. So you can keep the new one, and use the newest one to recover your Mixer connected account. It means that you should manage two accounts along the time or until you or your viewers have spent your cards.
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