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We don't have any Streamloots chat bot for the platforms, but there are an alternative you could use.

These alternatives allow you to react or see certain events in the chat, such as:
Card redemptions
Gift purchases

Depending on the third party tool you are using, in the chat you may be able to see who redeems a card and the text of the card, if someone has purchased or gifted a chest, and you may be able to react to certain cards with a command as well.

e.g. Someone redeems a "You gain 500 coins in my channel" card, so you will be able to give those 500 coins in an automated way depending on the bot used.

We have worked with Mix It Up (MIU) , it's a Twitch chatbot you can use. You have a "how to configure it" video below

We do not know about other options right now. If you know about a bot with Streamloots integration, please let us know.

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