You can pause redemptions either for a certain or an indefinite period of time, and resume redemptions later when you want viewers to be able to play cards again. This has to be set manually.
When setting a certain time (e.g. 15 min) then redemptions will resume automatically once that period of time has passed.
You can do this from My collections section.

Pausing redemptions means that viewers will not be able to play any cards during that time, but they will be able to purchase and open their packs.
When pausing redemptions in one of your collections, you will be required to type a message that viewers will get when purchasing packs, for example:
“Will be playing ranked games today and need to be focused, next stream redemptions will be active again!”

To be able to pause redemptions, the collection has to be published. You can access the Pause collection option by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the collection name.
Once paused, this option will change to Resume cards.

Pause and resume cards
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