You can't merge two Streamloots accounts for now, but you can disconnect your main streaming platform from your Streamloots account by connecting it to another platform you don't use.

For instance, let's assume that you created and Streamloots account using Twitch, and you configured your collection using that account. However, your main streaming platform is Mixer. If you created a different Streamloots account using Mixer, you could disconnect it from your secondary Streamloots account and connect it to your main Streamloots account following these steps:
Log in using your secondary Streamloots account (In the example above, Mixer).
Connect that account to another platform such us Facebook. You can follow this article if you don't know how.
Once your secondary Streamloots account is connected to another platform, disconnect your main streaming platform from that account (In the example above, Mixer).
Log in in your main Streamloots account and connect your main streaming platform to it.
Finally, you can change your main Streaming platform in Streamloots using this article:
How to change my main streaming platform in Streamloots
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