When your Streamloots username contains a number, means that another account was created using that username first. This normally happens when you have the same username in Twitch, Mixer, Youtube or Facebook and you create two Streamloots account by mistake.

The first step you must follow is to connect your Streamloots account to all your platforms:
How to connect my account to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube or Facebook

If when you try to connect your Streamloots account to a platform, it throws an error saying that this platform is already connected to another Streamloots account, you will find out which is your secondary Streamloots account. In that case, you can follow this article:
I have two Streamloots accounts and I'd like to merge them

It is important not to try to log in using other platforms without trying to connect them to your Streamloots account first. Otherwise a new account will be created.

If the Streamloots account that is using your username doesn't belong to you, another person would have chosen that username first. In that case, you could use the username of another platform:
How to change my username, page URL or avatar to the one I use in another streaming platform
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