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If you have sent a document and it has been rejected, you must have received an email with the reject reason. If this email has something like [Ticket#XXXXXX....] in the subject, you can respond to it to reach the Hyperwallet verification squad. A document can be invalid if it doesn't have a good quality, it isn't complete, it doesn't have the required information or the information doesn't match with your Hyperwallet profile info (you can update your address but never your name). Please confirm before the document information to be sure

Should you have your Hyperwallet account with a pending verification, your payments will be held until you complete the verification process. Such a process is common with services like Hyperwallet or PayPal.

There are several reasons why, but the main one is security. On the Internet, anyone can use your information, and Hyperwallet, at some point, must verify that you are the one you say you are. The verification process allows Hyperwallet to know that they're sending the money to the right person.

When your account is subject to verification, you should receive an email in the email you signed up your Hyperwallet account with (usually your PayPal one) about the verification.

You may also receive an email informing you that your payment has not been processed. In this case, your account could be subject to verification.

In order to get paid from Streamloots, you just need to go to your Hyperwallet account and you will find the following warning, should your account is pending to validate.

How Hyperwallet account with a pending verification looks like

If you click the button to follow the verification process, the system allows you to upload documents as proof of identity and address. There also might be different documents they require you to submit for full verification.

Some tips while verifying the account:

The address in the Hyperwallet account (Configuration > Profile) must be the same as in the document sent as proof of address.

You can update the pay portal address to fit it to the provided proof of address.

The document must be in good quality. That's why the minimum size for the documents is 400KB.

We recommend uploading PDF files, because they usually have better quality and readability.

You must verify your identity and address.

Proof of Identity
The most common proof of identity is your identity national document (ID).

You should upload front and back parts.

It's very important to use a non-expired document or picture with good quality and unblurred content.

The information required with this document is:
Full name

The information must be the same as you see on the verification page.
You can check that information on the top of the upload button for the front and back parts

Proof of address
The document must be readable with good quality and the information must be the same as you can see on the verification page.
You can find that information on the top of the upload button for this document.

You can find that information on the top of the upload button for this document.

This proof is error prawn and the most common cases are:
Uploading blurred documents or with not enough quality to check the information.
Uploading incomplete or crop documents where some important information is missed.
Uploading documents that don't meet the conditions or are from not valid sources/origins.

That's why it is so important to read carefully this section, send good quality and readable documents and understand what kind of documents can be valid.

Sometimes the Hyperwallet verification team can be wrong, so if you think your document is right and you don't know why they are rejecting your documents, you can reply to the rejection email.

If the email subject contains [Ticket#XXXXX....] you can reply to that email and the reply will go directly to the Hyperwallet verification team agent.

The following information must appear in the verification documents you're going to provide:
- Full name
- Full address
- Document date (max one year old )

You must select a type of document from a list when you send the document. Just choose what you think fits more.
e.g. Official government letter if you use a census certificate.

Here you have a sample list of documents used by other users to verify their accounts:

Census certificate.
Mobile phone bills
House service bills like the Internet, water, or electric services attached to your house..
Tax documents
School/University registration documents
Credit card or bank statement: It's not necessary to show the amounts but your name, address, and date must appear. IMPORTANT: An statement is not a picture of your credit card

We know that you may don't have any bill with your name, but there are always alternatives like school registration documents or a census certificate.

That is not an exclusive list of valid documents. You must keep in mind what the process requires to verify your address. There are many valid documents outside the list above.
If you have a document of good quality, containing all the required information and from a trustable source, just upload it.
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