If you would like to request a refund , please visit this article to make sure you fulfill the requirements.

Associated email
e.g. If you have a Streamloots account linked with Twitch, Mixer and Youtube. You can go to "My profile" and see what your main streaming platform is. For instance, if you have Mixer as your main streaming platform, and you registered in Mixer with this email address: HiMixer@myemail.com, your associated email will be HiMixer@myemail.com. Therefore, you must send an email to support@streamloots.com from HiMixer@myemail.com.

To request a refund, you must send an email to support@streamloots.com through your associated email address, which should include the following information:
The buyer's username. Ej. MyPowerfulUsername
The seller's username or page. Ej. TheAmazingContentCreator
The purchase date. Ej. On December 23th 11:47P
Quantity and type of packs. Ej. 5 of x5 , total 25 packs.

Once we have received the email, we will be able to locate the payment and will reply to you as soon as possible with a confirmation and ETA.
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