Sometimes you don't want to see certain streamers in your streamers list, despite having some cards or packs in their channels.

If you want to hide a streamer from the list, now it's possible and quite simple.

Hide a streamer
Go to your streamers list, find the streamer you want to hide and click on the three dots button to see the option HIDE STREAMER .

Once you click the option, the streamer will be moved to the hidden streamers section.
You can check the hidden streamers list at the top right button HIDDEN STREAMERS

How to hide streamers in your streamers list

Show a hidden streamer
To unhide a streamer, go to your streamers list then enter to HIDDEN STREAMERS page on the top right. You will be able to see all the hidden streamer.

You can follow the same procedure to hide a streamer. Click on the three dots to check the options. You will see the option SHOW STREAMER

How to show again a hidden streamers in your streamers list

Note: If you play a card in a hidden streamer's page, this streamer will be visible again in your streamers list.
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