You can improve your card image with animated effects like glow, blur, shine, etc. Or maybe you want the card image to be a video.
By using effects in your card images you can add extra visual impact to your collection.

Currently we have two different image configurations for a card:
Card image: The image of the card which everybody can see in your collection. It must be JPG or PNG, or a GIF if you want it to be an animated one.
Alert configuration: It determines what users will see on stream when that card is played. It can be an image (JPG, PNG or GIF) or a video. The most used files are mp4 and webm.

You can create a card with our card creator, but it has some limitations.
The card creator doesn't work with animated images. It only takes the first frame of the animation, so you will not be able to create an animated image with it.
However, you can download the desired template by right-clicking the image that appears in the card creator and then on "Save image as..."

Save template to use it in an external graphic design software

You will need an external software in order to create an animated image.
You can use Photoshop, GIMP or any software you are familiar with. Each software has their own way to create animations, so you may need to do some research on how to do it in case you are not familiar with that software.

Remember there are online tools which allow you to convert videos to animated GIF images and much more.
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