To delete an account, send us an email to

In order to verify your identity, please send the email through your associated email.

Your associated email is the email address associated with your Streamloots account (if you have several accounts connected to Streamloots, please use the main one).

Associated email
i.e. If you have a Streamloots account linked with Twitch, Mixer and Youtube. You can go to "My profile" and see what your main streaming platform is. For instance, if you have Mixer as your main streaming platform, and you registered in Mixer with this email address:, your associated email will be Therefore, you must send an email to from

As the subject, write "Remove account - YourUsernameInStreamloots"

Finally, in the content of the email, please provide us with:
A confirmation that you want to remove the account by writing: "I want to remove my account with the following username: YourUsernameInStreamloots"
Your streamloots page link (only if you are a streamer)
The reason why you want to remove the account (optional).

If you have more than one account and you want to remove one of them in order to connect Streamloots with your main account, take a look to this article. You may unlink the desired platform from your alter account before we remove it.

We will respond to you with the confirmation and an ETA.
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