In Streamloots we have an account progression with different ranks:  Streamer, Affiliate and Partner.
Each of these ranks inside the platform has some special perks. Those perks are very often are incremental or accumulative.

If you want to know more about streamer, affiliate and partner perks, click here.

IMPORTANT: In Streamloots, the achievements progress can decrease after you reach it because, some of them, are time-based. You need to achieve all the requeriments at the time you apply for affiliate or partnership

When you create an account in Streamloots you start with a Streamer rank and limited account. This means that you are not able to use all the features in the platform until you unlock your first achievement: Redemption Master. You can check the current status in your dashboard.

To achieve it you, your community has to play 10 cards. You'll unlock all the features in the platform by obtaining it.
Check this article for more info.

How limited account dashboard looks like

To increase your rank in the platform, try to achieve the different goals shown in your Dashboard. If you wonder which goals are being fulfilled at the moment, you can go to your dashboard and check the achievements' status.

Once you get the Redemption Master achievement, you will see new achievements in your dashboard.

Keep in mind that some of the following achievements are based on time or must be done by a minimum amount of users.  If you notice the achievement progress is stuck or it decreases, make sure that you have the minimum required users or it's not a time-based achievement.

To promote to affiliate, you need to complete the Despacito ¯\(•o•)/¯ achievement and one of the followings: Houdini or Vendor .
The definition of each achievement can be different depending on your region and other factors.

How streamer's account dashboard looks like

Once you meet the requirements to apply for the affiliate you will see a button to apply in the panel Progress to apply for affiliate on your dashboard.
You'll get the affiliate in 2 days at the latest.

When you are an affiliate, you can see the partner achievements in your dashboard.
In this case the achievements to complete are The Wolf of Wall Street and CARDS, CAAARDS, CAAAAAARDS.
Those achievements are about sell packs and play cards and as the affiliate requirements, the partner requirements can be different, depending on your region and other factors.

How affiliate's account dashboard looks like

When you accomplish both achievements, an apply button will appear.
Important: The partner application can be declined. Accomplish the apply requirements don't guarantee that you will obtain the partner.
To maximize your possibilities to be accepted, take a look to this article
If your apply is rejected, you'll not be able to apply again for 30 days, so prepare yourself with the blog article above!

If you applied to partner and you got it, congratulations you will see something like this in your dashboard.

How a partner's account dashboard looks like
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