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Streamloots fully protects you from fraudulent purchases and will bear any costs arising from disputes.

A fraudulent payment is the one that payment platforms (PayPal, credit cards, etc.) mark as fraudulent. This usually happens because the payment is made from a stolen credit card or PayPal account.

What happens when a payment is suspected to be fraudulent?
When a payment is suspected to be fraudulent, the user who made the payment is blocked, and all purchases by that user are frozen. Our team then attempts to contact the user to prove authorship of the payments. If the user proves that the payment is legitimate, his account will be unlocked and the money will pass to your balance.
What if the money becomes disputed?

What's with the frozen money?
Money can be frozen for up to 180 days pending a claim on payments. If after this time the money has not become disputed, it will automatically pass to your Balance and you will receive it in the next billing period.

How can I detect fraudulent purchases?
If a user you don't know with a new account makes a lot of purchases and isn't active in chat, her purchases will be possibly fraudulent.

As a general recommendation, if your cards contain prizes that involve a monetary cost to you, it is best to wait about 15-30 days before giving those prizes if you do not know the users who have been awarded that prize.

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