If this month is your first payment in Streamloots, after reading this article, we recomend you to visit Streamloots Pay - Payment portal and one time configuration. It explains how to configure the pay portal for the first time.

On the top of your Revenue page you will find 3 panels with a summary of all sales and payout information.

Balance: All earnings from previous months that has not yet been payed out. You will receive the money on the 15th of each month if you have at least $20 in your account. All earnings are estimated in your main currency. If the 15th is a bank holiday in Spain, the payout will be the next working day.
Current month: All your current month earnings will become part of your balance at the end of the month and therefore you will receive the payment the next month.
Current plan: Percentage of every chest sale you receive. This percentage is calculated from the total amount of money received after the payment method commission.
Currency: Currency in which the deposit will be made to your account. It is the currency defined on the chest prices configuration.
Next payout date: Date on which the payout of all your balance will be made to the account indicated in the Settings and Payments section.
Payment method: Payment method through which you will receive all the earnings indicated on your balance. May have associated fees.

Remember, all sales made on your Streamloots page must be declared according to the laws of your country. Check out our Do I have to declare sales taxes? article.
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