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What is the Crafting Mode?

The Crafting Mode allows you to destroy cards from a collection you do not want to use to craft specific ones. This mode has to be activated by the streamer. The streamer chooses which cards are craftables and how many card resources they cost.

Benefits of the Crafting Mode
There are Streamloots Achievements that can be completed crafting and destroying cards.
If the streamer doesn’t want to keep a card in a collection, you can destroy it and get card resources before the streamer removes it.

These are the resources needed by default to create and destroy cards. Values can be modified by the streamer in the Crafting Mode tab

Crafting Mode Resources

Crafting Mode Resources are the “currency” used in the Crafting Mode to create new cards and it can be obtained destroying them. Usually, the higher the rarity is, the more resources will be needed to craft it. However, this value can be modified by the streamer in the Crafting Mode tab.

Enable/Disable the Crafting Mode (streamer only)

The Crafting Mode is activated by default in the streamer collection, but the streamer has to set which cards will be craftable manually. If the streamer doesn’t set any of them as craftable, you will be able to get card resources but you won’t be able to craft any. You can enable and disable the Crafting Mode in your collection here:

Manage my collection > Crafting Mode

How to enable/disable the Crafting Mode as Streamer

Craft and destroy cards with the Crafting Mode

If you have obtained cards that you do not want to play opening chests and you want to get card resources to craft new ones, you can go to the streamer collection change to the Crafting Mode

Streamer collection > Crafting Mode

How to craft and destroy cards with the Crafting Mode as viewer

IMPORTANT:If you can’t see the crafting mode button it is because the streamer has not enabled the crafting mode in that collection. This means you can’t destroy or craft cards of that collection. Feel free to encourage the streamer to activate it.

How the interface looks like when I want to create or destroy a certain card

You can craft cards that have been marked as craftable by the streamer. You can destroy as many cards as you want to obtain card resources.


I want to craft or destroy cards to complete the Achievements and get new Powers. How can I do that?
Follow the instructions on how to craft and destroy cards. Remember the streamer has to enable the Crafting Mode on that collection.

I can’t see the Crafting Mode on this collection
If you can’t see the button it is because the streamer has not activated the Crafting Mode, remember you can encourage the streamer to activate this.

Are the card resources shared?
Yes, card resources are shared among all the streamer collections. This means you can create cards from any of the collections as soon as they are craftable.

Can you set a card as “no- destructible”?
No, all the cards can be destroyed, but as a streamer you can change the resources amount obtained when destroying cards.
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