One way to boost your sales is by offering special promotions from time to time, for which you can give your viewers coupons for your Streamloots collections.
To create a coupon, go to Coupons on the left side Menu. You can also go directly to that section by clicking here..

There are two types of coupons.
Free packs: you can gift packs through a link which is generated on the platform when you create this type of coupon. Every time a viewer clicks on it they will get a free chest until the coupon is expired. Remember, each coupon can be claimed only once per user.
Discount percentage: This option allows you to generate a discount code that users can use when purchasing packs from your collection(s).

For each coupon you create, you can configure the following features:
Number of users that can use the coupon*. This means the number of times that a coupon can be used before expiring. Remember it’s one use for each user.
Coupon code. By default, a code will be generated automatically. However, you can uncheck this option to type your own code.
Collections in which the coupon will be redeemable. By default, a coupon can be used in all of the streamer’s collections. You can uncheck this option to select specific collections for which you want the coupon to be used.
Expiration date. You can set a specific date and time for the coupon to be expired (even if it hasn’t reached its limit). For instance, if you choose January 25th as the expiration date, the coupon will be active until Jan 24th at 23:59 and expire at 00:00 on Jan 25th. If you don’t set an expiration date, the coupon will simply become inactive when it’s reached its limit.

Additional settings of Free packs
Free packs coupons don’t have any additional settings. Every click gives one free pack/chest to the user. At this moment, the number of packs cannot be configured.

Additional settings of Discount percentage coupons
Apart from the features we mentioned before, you can also set a discount percentage that will be applicable when users purchase chests from your collections. Maximum percentage is set at 50%, but we recommend that you create smaller discounts (between 5 and 20%), and save the big ones for very special occasions.

Now that you know everything about coupons and how to create them, you can check coupons’ conditions here.
Also, you can have a look to our suggestions when using coupons here.
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