The cooldown system is a tool designed to prevent spamming of cards by the same user. When a cooldown is activated, each user may redeem the number of cards of each type that you configured until the cooldown expires.

For instance, if you set a 2-second cooldown for 1 common card, the same user will have to wait 2 seconds after redeeming a common card, before being able to redeem another one.

You can personalize your cooldown so that it only applies to cards of a certain rarity, or to allow the user to redeem a different number of cards of each rarity. To illustrate it, you could choose that every 5 minutes a user can redeem a maximum of 2 common, 2 rare, 3 epics and 5 legendary cards. Using this configuration, the same user could redeem up to 12 cards every 5 minutes.

When to activate the cooldown in your collection
We always recommend you to activate a minimum cooldown to make sure that a user doesn’t redeem too many cards in a row.

The minimum recommended configuration depends on how active your users are in Streamloots and the mechanics you have in your collection. A good configuration for most Streamers is to apply a 5-seconds cooldown with the following limits:

1 common card.
1 rare card.
1 epic card.
1 legendary card.

This will prevent a user from sending the same card many times in a row.

If you have many users in Streamloots at the same time, you can increase the cooldown time to 30 seconds with the above configuration.

Some streamers have mechanics that encourages a user to redeem the same card many times. In this case, we recommend you to apply the cooldown only to common cards, and make that card rare.

Collection level cooldown
For now the cooldown apply to all your collections. If your users redeem cards in one collection and the cooldown is activated, they will have to wait for the cooldown to expire to redeem cards in another collection.

Card level cooldown
You can also apply a global cooldown for a single card from the edit card panel. The card-level cooldown applies to all users. For instance, if you apply a 10 minutes cooldown to a card, this card can only be redeemed once every 10 minutes. If a user redeem it, another user has to wait 10 minutes until the cooldown expires to redeem it again.

Global cooldown

At the moment there is no global cooldown that applies to all users. Applying a global cooldown that affects all users could harm the experience of new buyers.

The only way to set a global cooldown is to set a card level cooldown.
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