The Card Suggestions page shows a list of card ideas that your viewers have suggested for your collections.

You can accept or reject any card suggested by your viewers. When you accept the suggestion, a new button will allow you to create the card by using the card creator or by uploading your own card image.

The cards will be created in the collection you are currently managing.

Your viewers can suggest cards to you from your collection page, but they must meet the following conditions:
Only users who have opened at least one pack in any of your collections can suggest cards to you, no matter when they did so.
A single user can only suggest one card every 8 hours.

This feature is in Beta and we will soon add new configuration options and a list of monthly suggestions created by Streamloots. Monthly suggested cards will be based on the categories you have chosen in your collections.

The conditions for suggesting cards could be changed. You can help us make this feature better by sending us your feedback at
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